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Men like their wives' female friends – Abdul Hayi Moomen.

Marriage is a union between a woman and a man. In most cases, a bride is expected to leave her parental home to her husband’s apartment after marriage. 

However, a spouse relationship with family, friends and other people is not cut off completely after marriage. Relatives come to visit them during festive occasions whiles friends pass by to check up on them. 

The kind of reception spouses give to female friends are non-identical.

According to the ace media personality and GTV's journalist, Abdul Hayi Moomen, most men like their wives' female friends irrespective of their appearance, intelligent and occupation. 

Nonetheless, married women do not like to see their husbands' female friends. 

Abdul Hayi Moomen concluded that married men are amicable in marriages than married women.

His assertion was based on undisclosed research report that postulates how spouses treat female friends. 

“Research shows 95. 6 percent of women do not like their husbands' female friends.

However 99.9 percent of men like their wives' female friends.

The conclusion is that men are very nice people”, he said.

He wrote this on Facebook today. 

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