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'Messy' - My cousin is about to get married to the love of my life, a guy dated for years

It was good to fall for this loving and caring guy until the unexpected happened. I never saw it though but I blame myself for causing the havoc I could have easily prevented. My name is Emeka and I'm a Nigerian. I came to Ghana before the coronavirus pandemic and I might say this country is the best place to have fun. I came to visit my family and I was very proud to have such a caring relation in Ghana. I was warmly welcomed when I arrived at the airport and that was my first day stepping foot into the country.

During my stay in the country, I met this cute guy at a bar I visited with my cousin. He has everything I want in a man, cute, pink lips and very interesting to be with. I managed to pull myself together when he called me. Indeed, we had great talk during our stay at the bar. I knew I was already feeling the vibe between us. He complimented me of my cute lips and he is a great talker. Julian is very good at expressing himself to women and I love guys with that vibe.

I dated him for six months and that was during the lockdown. We met frequently since most companies were shut down. We had the best and enjoy the best of our stay at home. I just couldn't believe I broke up with the love of my life. He posted a ladies picture on his Whatsapp status and told me not to view it. I wonder why he did that and I managed to see the girls picture. I confronted him and he told he has already advice me not to see it.

I kept my cool and I started to show him some unnecessary attitude. He called frequently and I intentionally decided not to pick up the call. He gave up and also decide to show me some attitude when I needed him. He always tells me he is busy and can't stay long in call even for more than a minute. I felt disturbed for a month and decided to make him jealous and walk away. That was a perfect plan I guess.

I confronted this guy I met and he decided to help me work out the plan. He called me everyday just to make my guy jealous. The plan actually worked and I loved that. I came over to his place so we could have a chat about how to engage more in the game. Unfortunately for me, he really cared for me and that made me to sleep over. He has never proposed love but really enjoyed ourselves throughout the my stay.

I realize that even though I made a fool of myself, I really enjoyed it. That was the best I've ever had in my life. Now I'm really attracted to him. He has proposed heaven on earth for me. After some few weeks later, he stopped picking up my calls and responding to my text. I saw a post on my cousin phone who is actually getting married in a week time. I realized she was getting married to the love of my life. I feel inner pains and bitterness, I want to stop the wedding.

Please I'm really confused, help me with what I should do. Should I tell her and forever remain silent. Don't forget to @real-gist for more incredible real life stories around the world.

Content created and supplied by: @real-gist (via Opera News )

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