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Why your relationships are not feeling like they did in the beginning

When you started your relationship things were going so well you never fought or even as much quarrel but after a few months everything turned into an argument. You can't even hold a decent conversation.

here are a few things you could do to make things better or prevent it from happening all together.

1 Communication. I don't even thing this has been emphasized enough. Talking and hearing what your partner is saying are two different things from communicating. When communicating don't just listen you must try to make sure you take into consideration what they are saying and make them feel better. And make sure to say in a nice and respectful way what is bothering you and how your partner could make things better for you

2 Learn to put each other first. This doesn't mean you should do things that make you sad or unhappy. But when doing something put them into consideration. It will make them feel loved and let them know you think about them.

3 Always be honest. Nothing joins a couple more than opening up to each other. Don't ever lie and make sure you always tell each other what's on your mind but again in a polite way.

4 Accept that they are not perfect. No one is perfect the sooner you recognize that the sooner you realize and welcome that the easier it will be for you to see that they can make mistakes and that is okay.

5 find something you both love to do and do it together. What else to bring people together than something they love to do. It will make sure you have time to spend together and also enjoy the time spent together.

6 Give each other some privacy and space. It is okay to do things together but sometimes you just need time to do things you like on your own, go out with friends of explore.

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