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"Messy" - My Man Keeps Telling Me My "VG" Smells And Taste Good Anytime We Make Love

While most are receiving countless beatings and assaults from the man they love, mine has been characterized with so much tender, love and care that I have never experienced in my life. Marrying the most caring and handsome man is a dream come true for me. My name is Araba, a beautician and a seamstress. I live in Accra with my husband and two children. Ever since we got married, he keeps telling me I'm the most hygienic and sweetest woman he has ever met on his entire life.

Can this be a joke or a fascinating story. I continue to wonder if that's how all marriages are interesting. I do well to keep my children and surroundings clean since we live in a compound house. Anytime my husband tells me this, I feel shy and perceive him to be having other women aside me. That has places me in a complete trauma that I've begun to hate him all of a sudden.

He has recognized a quick change of behavior in me but i try to keep everything cool. My instincts keeps telling me my husband is cheating with. He always tells me how I keep myself very neat and he always says it after a good night games. I usually get fed up and thinks he is also enjoying stuffs somewhere buy it seems my is the best.

Please, is it right for my husband to always tell that he loves how I keep my "vg" neat and clean. His constant praises make me suspect him of cheating on me. Please I'm I being overactive or I should take it as one of those jokes. I think he is comparing with other women he meets on a daily basis. Help a confused sister as to what to do.

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