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Husband and wife relationship

5 Things to consider before you say I do or even in marriage.

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So may young people are tired of relationship or tired of their marriage because they failed to understand or know why they are into such relationship or marriage. Because of this, there are errors they commit without they know. Here are five (5) things you need to consider before you say yes or I do.

1. WHY AM I MARRYING OR WHY DID I MARRY?. People says I must marry because I'm old, I'm marrying because all my friends are married, I'm married because I was pushed to marry the man I'm not interested in. Know that this is a personal question u need to ask your self either in the marriage, relationship or about to marry.

2. IS HE OR SHE WHOM I WANTED TO BE WITH OR DESIRED TO BE WITH?. People have desires to be with people they have no feelings for and they marry based on conditions. If I marry him he's gonna buy me a car or take care of my mother or will build me mansions. Not forgetting that relationship or marriage is not about wants or needs but the future.

3. PLAN FOR THE MARRIAGE OR THE RELATIONSHIP. most of us are in a relationship or marriage without a plan. Have plans together and not individually. What is this marriage or relationship taking us to. What are the aims of this marriage or relationship. you shouldn't be that man or woman who wants to know the plans of the other partner which is wrong because relationship or marriage involves two partners. CAN TWO WALK TOGETHER EXCEPT THEY BE IN AGREEMENT.

4. WHAT CAN I DO TO KEEP MY MARRIAGE OR RELATIONSHIP WITH MY PARTNER TO MAKE IT A HAPPY ONE. there are people who are in a relationship or marriage and are not happy. But are pretending to be. It is so because he or she is not considering the happiness in that marriage or relationship.

5. MAKE IT A POINT TO RECORGNISE WHO IS THE LIME LIGHT AND TRY TO ACCEPT IT AND MOVE ON. Accept the fact that your partner is more knowledgeable than you do and make sure you flow with him or she. By thi your home is going to be a peaceful one. It doesn't make u a fool or intimidated. It is for the sake of your home and children. 

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