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4 Signs To Know If a Girl Likes you

We may begin to wonder if the girl we are walking with likes us or is just a normal friendship thing. But after reading this post you will be able to tell if she's into you or not.

1 she ask a lot of questions

A lady who really likes a man tend to ask so many questions about his personal life, it may be from your childhood pet to your college major. If a lady ask you plenty questions concerning your personal life, it means she wants to know you better and it may be a plus she likes you.

2.She teases you

Does she playfully make fun of you mostly ?

It may seem like a tactic straight from the elementary-school playground, but it’s not just kids who use playful teasing to demonstrate that they like someone. Women also do same to the guys they like. If you are with a lady who teases you in a jovial manner, chances are she likes you.

3. She laughs to your jokes

A lady who likes you will always laugh to the jokes you tell even if they are not really funny, some jokes are not worth laughing but if the lady you are talking to or walking with tends to laugh your every joke to keep the conversation going, is a plus for you.

4. She always wants to be with you.

Ladies always wants to be with the ones they love, she will thus make necessary excuses to get your attention and be with you. She may even lie to you that she's sick just for you to visit her and talk to her.

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