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Husband and wife relationship

Sad: Lady reveals what her husband said after he cheated on her as she cries for help

This world is full of wonders and surprises as things are secretly happening in the homes of people. A story has been shared on Tima Kumkum's Instagram handle which is very heartbreaking. This was submitted to Tima for solutions and it is very sad. According to the lady, she is thirty three years old and married for ten solid years. She has given birth to five children as she lived happily with her husband.

Everything was going on well until she realized that, her husband has been sleeping with his accountant at work. She saw everything that was going on after going through his phone including having intercourse at office. This lady who came unanimous revealed what actually pained her and was very big surprised.

"Tima, what actually surprises me the most is that, I do everything for him, cook the best meals, pamper him and always satisfies him in bed anytime, and any day unless I'm having my senses." "I was very sad and approached him; he then knelt down and apologised with the Bible that, he will never do that in his life again".

"This lady he is doing that with is also married and have two kids but her husband lives abroad. After confessing that he will not do that again and I forgave him, just in two months they are back again and this time around when I approached him, he pressed my neck very hard and told me if I don't leave his house he will kill me. Because he doesn't love me anymore."

"Tima, I am not working even though I am a graduate and besides, where I am going with these five kids of mine? Should I call for the divorce or Iook for the lady's husband contact and inform him what is going on? Please help me".

This is the sad ordeal of the young lady. What is your opinion about it?

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