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What Age Does Erectile Dysfunction Start?

The conversation about the male organ and its functions can be very complex. The process that leads to arousal and the constant strong erection can be borne out of many things.

Having said that, there is a popular notion that senior citizens stand the chance of having erectile dysfunction because of their numerous poor health conditions.

For some, when one is above 60 years in Ghana, that person is deemed unfit for adventures in the bedroom. But is the perception true?

We all understand the fact that male sexual arousal is a complex process that involves the brain, blood vessels, emotions, nerves and muscles. Therefore, any ailment that appears to distort the proper operation of any of these organs and tissues will definitely affect the erectile processes of the male organ.

Therefore, it is only right to say that if a senior citizen has zero underlining health condition, his male organ will be fit for any job. In Ghana, there is a popular notion that men from the northern part of Ghana are very strong in bed. This is so because they feed on organic and chemical-free foods.

They don’t do junk foods and they take herbs that improve their organs. My grandpa spent 38yrs of his life in Israel. And like the northerners, Israel also does well to eat more cereals, organic, junk-less and more seeds (flaxseed, castor, black and many more).

So, even in his 74 years, he still has his game on. And he is always proud to confess that to his grandchildren.

The time and age to get erectile dysfunction are not determined by anyone but the man with the penis.

It is all about your lifestyle and what you eat.

Eat good nutritious foods, drink loads of mineral water, abstain from alcohol & tobacco, eat fewer junks, exercise and treat your body like a precious ornament.

You’ll never live to regret growing old.

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