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A Mother Of Four Reveals What Her Husband's Uncle Told Her After She Went To Visit Her Mother

A 35 years old woman named Sadia from Northern region of Ghana in an exclusive interview reveals what her husband's uncle disclose to her after she went to visit her mother. According to the woman, she was staying with her husband at Ahensan in Kumasi and they have given birth to four children.

Sadia said her mother fell sick and she travelled to Northern region to visit her and also take care of her for some weeks. After she made preparations to return back to Kumasi, her husband's uncle told her that he consulted a fetish priest about their marriage but the priest told him that when she gets back to her husband's house either she will die or her husband will die.

The uncle continued that she should stay with her mother for sometime, he also said he will make preparations to bring back her belongings. Sadia was a bit surprised because she has stayed with her husband for a couple of years and has given birth to 4 children but nothing happened to them.

She then went to inform her family about what the husband's uncle told her. Both families met about this issue, but still, the uncle insisted he will not allow her to go back to her husband. Sadia said her family members advised her divorced her husband to prevent any predicament.

She listen to their advice, divorced her husband and stayed in the Northern region for some time before she came back to Kumasi to work. She continues that she worked hard and earned enough money but just recently, she had a bad dream but she mysteriously fell sick after the bad dream she had.

She started feeling severe pains in her neck and her back. She went to the hospital for treatment but still didn't recover from the illness. She again went to different pastors for help but she has still been experiencing the severe pains which has prevented her from working again.

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