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6 Ways To Get The Girlfriend Of Your Dreams

You can only fascinate a girl for a few days with looks and jokes. In the long run, you need stability in your mind and soul, and this is what most women seek. I'm listing the things that I changed myself to win my lady's heart.

1. Be respectful and friendly to people

This is not to respect the person you like, but to respect everyone. I know that respect is the most important thing in a relationship, so I started to respect other people around me. If I can, I try to help people. When people around me appreciate me because of my kind habits, it makes me feel more like a man.

2. Open to people

Yes, be open, be open to discussion and people, and don't be introverted. Don't be passive or domineering, listen when you should. Try to get the people in your life to accept decisions made by others, and don't force or deceive people to feel what they don't have. Being happy with people and praising them when you like it will build a sense of trust and security.

3. Prepare to hang out with friends

Even if she rejects you, don't stop her from entering your life. Persevere like a good friend and keep working hard. (No, she won’t make friends with you, she knows your intentions)ofl

4. Don't brag about the women you met before.

If the girl you like doesn't succeed, that's okay. People make mistakes and they change over time. Don't use someone's past against them. Respect the privacy of your past relationships because of the love you have shared.


5. Deliver on promises

On-time, if you say you will arrive at nine o'clock, you will arrive at nine o'clock. Men should keep their promises, and if you think you can’t keep them, don’t promise them.

6. Remember special days

Even if you did not meet, it should not stop you from giving her birthday wishes. She would think this was a very sweet move.


7. If she wants a financially stable man, she can also

I have seen many women support their husbands and family members financially. If a woman wants her man to be independent, that's okay; it doesn't necessarily mean that she is a gold digger. I started to work hard; I became financially stable and had a better understanding of life.

Yes, be confident and try these initial tips on how to attract girls will work, but in the long run? Chivalry should not be adopted to let her go out with you. Sooner or later, when you expose the "enema hidden in you", she will know that you played her. Interpersonal relationships are very important to people and deserve the respect they deserve. This time, when I asked her out, she said yes!

Remember people, I was inspired by the girl of my dreams to be the right person. I did not do this because I tend to follow certain codes of conduct. I was and will always be human. How can you expect to be with a good girl when you are not even a good person?

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