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Read Thoughtful Comments From Ladies On An Adult Show In Ghana

Many ladies nowadays are having though time whenever they approach a guy expressing their feelings for them.

According to the ladies, many guys turned them down after they (Ladies) gather the courage to tell the guys about their inner desires especially when they realize the guys wants them but shy to tell them.

Versatile artiste publicist and author Elorm Beenie has asked two vital questions during his adult show dupped "Friday Sex Talk With Elorm Beenie".

The questions are:

1. How do guys deal with ladies approaching them for relationship.

2. Does s£xual organ size really matter?

Majority of comments actually based on the s£xual organ size question. Some people pours out their heart sharing their experience.

According to some of them, as an African lady, is not good for you to approach a guy. Is the guy's duty to chase ladies.

"For me, am an African lady and very am traditional. I believe is a man's thing to chase a lady. No long talk" She says

She then comments on the second question and said

"Secondly about the size, I believe is not about the size. I think is about how strong it is. How you can work with it. You can meet a guy with big d!ck, and he can't even do shit! But you will meet someone with very small ninja, but Lord have mercy! Is about your personal strength and skills." She concluded.

Another guy said, I believe if a lady approaches you or makes a move on you, it shows she is brave, and the guys should be happy having such a girl. Unless the guy is feeling too big or scared of the lady." His comments read.

Furthermore, a lady says "To me Yes! Size matters because personally, I don't like big d!ck... If you are a guy and your d!ck is big, I can't date nor do anything with you. I love the moderate d!ck yh" she also says emphatically...

Now, does the size matter to you?

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