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4 things that are not good for a guy to do no matter how he likes a girl(Read More)

1. Avoid revealing every single detail of your life to a lady: As a man no matter how you love a lady, never let her know every details about yourself. Once you and a lady starts becoming close she will like you to tell her everything about yourself, some guy will tell her everything just to impress and that's wrong, even if you want to that relationship must have gotten to an certain level, not every woman u tell everything.

2. Sponsoring a ladys education: as a man never you sponsor a lady's education only if she's your wife or you just feel like you should just help her out, don't sponsor a girl in school because you want to end up marrying her that's very wrong, because if you do at the end it is not a full assurance that you both will end up together, you can support but never you take full responsibility.

3. Making problems with another guy because of a girl: some guys normally have issues with their fellow guys because of a lady and that's very bad, because you don't know if the guy you having problems with was her Ex, so you see you might be next, if you know you behave like this after reading this post is better you stop it.

4. Don't try to take your life because of a gir likewise to girls: if anything that happens to you in life never take your life away no matter what, you never came to this world because of that, Take note.

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