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See What A Facebook User Said About Nigerian Guys Dating Older White Women

There have been this recent trend where young male Nigerians prefer to marry an older white women. It is not rare to see pictures surface online of a white woman and a black man expressing affection to each other.

With the advancement of the social media it is really easy to get friends from all over the world on popular sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and the rest.

Also, there are numerous dating sites that provides easy hook ups for the singles, the married, the divorced and other sets of people.

However, dismayed by this trend a Facebook user has come out to lambaste the Nigerian guys who date older white women.

The man known as Obadiah Luka made his post to the OFFICIAL N-POWER PAGE group as he said "Nigerian guys will not marry a girl who already has a child but they will travel abroad and marry their great grand mother".

His post was accompanied by a picture of an older white women and a young black man cuddling, all dressed in traditional attire.

His hilarious post generated generated reactions from people, as will be seen below.

However, this trend could only be induced by the financial gains these guys stands to benefit from their partner.

So what do you think of this trend? If you had an opportunity to date an older white woman would you?

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