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Husband and wife relationship

3 Ways To Stand For Your Marriage As A Christian Wife

 In life a lot of people stand for so many things only to have a name, fame and favor from people for their personal reasons.

Some people stand in for politics with their material, finances, body, soul, spirit and all their all in all without thinking about what may happen to them or may come their way one way or the other.

Some also stand for their children and they do all their possible best for them to position them in the best education and in life as a whole.

So also are the duty of a christian wife. Always stand for your marriage by praying and working hard towards its success.

1. Know that your worth comes from God not your husband

Many wives feel disappointed when their husbands are not able to provide all their needs for them, more especially things that the men promised to do for them. 

Some of them take it that their husbands have been wicked to them, others take it that their friends are behind their inability to provide their heart desires. 

Some even go to the extent of blaming it on their mother in laws as those advising their husbands against them.

Issues of this nature do not allow many wives to stand for their husbands due to pains and what they call disappointment. This makes many wives to go out there and talk bad about their husbands, making others take advantage of their marriages.

But one thing i want i want all lovely christian wives to know is that their worth does not come from their husbands but God.

They should focus on God and pray for their husbands and things gonna change for the best.

2. Cover his mistakes and faults

Being a christian wife and marrying a christian husband does not guarantee a mistake-free husband. Mistakes in life are bound to happen anytime, anywhere and any day.

As a christian woman, stand for your marriage by praying to God to give you divine wisdom and knowledge to talk to him in submissiveness concerning where he falls short in, as your head and your husband. 

And with God by your side, he will come to himself and things will move in the right direction.

3. Honor your husband in the presence of people and his family

One final thing that shows that a christian wife is really standing for her marriage is giving her husband the ultimate respect no matter who he is, his wrong doings and shortcomings.

And when you do that God in his own wisdom will turn the heart of your husband to the kind of a man you want him to be.

All you need to do is to stand for your marriage strongly and leave the rest to God and the desires of the righteous the bible says shall never be cut off. You will experience your desired expectation in your marriage.

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