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Here Are The 7 Health Benefits Of Making Love Regularly In A Relationship

While many think intimacy affairs in a relationship is not of important, but there is more to it in the context of one's health. Below are some health benefits of love making.

It Improves cardiovascular health: Research has proven that people who have 's€x' more than twice every week are at the lower risk of getting heart attack and the chances of getting heart attack tend to increase with those who have less intimacy affairs with their partners.

It Increases one's immunity. It has also been noted for being a great immune booster; anti body 'immunoglobulin A' is released, which makes one immuned to common illness such as common cold and fever 

Adding, regular 's€x' helps to build emotional intimacy. As many would think having 's€x' in a relationship is just for fun, but it goes beyond that; and thus helps to increase or tighten the emotional bond between couples. The success of many relationship is dependent on how the emotional intimacy is built.

It Improves overall fitness: those who go to the gym to work on their fitness can augment it with ''s€x', since it is very effective for keeping a perfect shape. 

Helps to relieves pain: Love making is good for relieving pains. It should be noted that, when one is about to reach orgasm, the level of hormone called oxytocin and endorphin are increased which reduce aches and pains. 

'S€x' promotes blood circulation: During 'lov€' making, the heart beats increase, thereby providing the avenues for fresh blood to be supplied to the organs and cells. The body also removes toxins while the blood is being used. 

One is able to sleep better: After intimacy, you feel more relaxed.

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