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The Best Way: How To Break Up With Your Partner Without Hurting Her

It is not easy at all to realize that a relationship is not progressing and to have to make the decision to break up with your partner. It is a very painful and complicated event for anyone, but it must be done in a healthy way.

In the following article we give you a series of tips or guidelines to follow so that the break with the couple is in the best possible way. When ending a certain relationship, keep calm and be firm at all times. Respect for the other person must prevail over anything and have a certain tact when handling such a break:

a) You have to be sure before taking such an important step. It would be good to analyze all the factors and from that moment to make a decision.

b) It is important to be in person when ending the relationship. The ideal is to have an adult conversation and present the different facts so that everything is as clear as possible.

c) Having your loved one in front of you is not easy for anyone but it is the best way to end the relationship in a mature and adult way.

d) The break should be done in a neutral and quiet place so that everything is much easier. It is not the same to end the relationship, in a crowded place full of looks.

e) There is no need to take too many detours when it comes to breaking up. Brevity and clarity are appreciated, as it is not usually a tasteful dish for anyone. It is always advisable to be direct and say things as they are.

f) You have to quickly flee from possible conflicts and discussions that may originate in the conversation. There is no use sending reproaches to each other, since this does not lead to anything. Fighting is only going to unnecessarily lengthen the painful process of breaking up.

g) Dialogue is important when ending a certain relationship. It is good to speak and present the different facts, but knowing how to listen to the other person is also key.

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