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Worried Your Cucumber Is Small? Here Is Some Good News

Have you heard the saying 'the pride of men is the size of their manhood'? It's basically a statement meant to stress on the potency of men in satisfying their partner sexually. In that context, the argument has been that men with bigger 'cucumbers' tend to do better than those with the 'little finger' type.

Some say it's a myth but testimonies from women do create an impression that size really counts. It has been for that reason, even in teenage life boys with smaller cucumbers tend to shy away from the bathrooms when others are around. The boys with the big one boast of it as if it's a crown.

Such persons often tend to take herbal concoctions in early adulthood so they could grow their manhoods. Others include vacuum pumps, stretching, exercise and among others but several research has proven there is minimal or no effect to these procedures. Instead the risk of penile injury is high.

More of the counter argument to these procedures including surgery, will be discussed in another episode but for today, the lens is focused on making you understand why you should feel good about your tiny or small [as some men claim] cucumber.

The truth is that all manhoods are just their normal sizes. They are a bundle of muscles and nerves that had been pre-programmed to develop during puberty. Though it's defined that the average length of the manhood is 3.66 inches when flaccid, and 5.16 inches when erect.

Interestingly, the thickness of one's cucumber, which is a dominant factor in sexual activity, has been sacrificed for length in the controversial matter. According to the British Journal of Urology International Trusted Source, an erect manhood has a circumference (girth) of 4.59 inches, and 3.66 inches when it's flaccid.

Irrespective of the size; in respect of length or girth, the strength of your cucumber is purely a product of your brain and haematology (blood).

Remember that sexual gratification is tied strongly to the amount of time one sustains pleasure. Don't be an under one-minute person!

So you need to understand that much of a sexual activity is a skill. So then keep in mind this fundamental truth- "size has nothing to do with skill when it comes to sex!"

Feel comfortable with what you have and explore some positive sex life that satisfies you and your partner.

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Here Is Some Good News


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