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My guy threatens my crush

You recall that news had it in March, 2021 that a guy murdered his girlfriend on suspicion that she was cheating. As a matter of fact they have dated for almost seven years and no lady would want to last that long without seeing anything like marriage preparation.

in my view I think the lady did the right thing to have gone in for someone much serious than her so called boyfriend. And that was the discussions I had with my guy when I visited him yesterday.

He told me straight forward that he is a jealous guy and he sees me with my co-worker who brings me home in his car. He confessed that a death trap is already set for the guy and that on Monday his gang will assassinate us. He smile and said to me that he was just joking noticing my reaction upon hearing that. I told him such things can't be joked with.

While I was with him I prayed a call from my mom would come so that it will be an excuse to go home and never visit him again.

No call came but eventually I left. On my way I called my colleague and alerted him that my boyfriend is suspecting us. This guy has money and a car. I started having feelings for him because I am sure should he propose marriage to me, everything would be fast.

I wouldn't want a blood shed because of all these. I just wish to marry my coworker but sometimes I do feel like my current boyfriend is best at secks and also over protective. I want to break up with him more because I don't know what evil he is capable of doing.

My coworker went to report to the police and my guy was arrested. I was a true witness to whatever statement my colleague wrote.

I'm confused and feeling guilty for throwing my boyfriend into jail. I have decided to take my life before tomorrow but a second thought drew my attention to the untrue stories bloggers will write about me so I'm holding on.

I have shared motivational quotes on my what's app status advising young girls to wait for the right person.

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