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15 Funny Text Messages That Will Make Your Partner Laugh

A great way to stay close and solidify your relationship is to be able to make your partner smile. What better way to do that than with a humorous, surprising text message? You can use the hilarious text messages listed below to wish your partner a happy birthday, let him or her know you are thinking of them, or just to brighten their day.

1. I detest people a lot! You are the exception, of course!

2. I love you more than my morning cup of coffee! Please don't ask me to provide evidence; just take it at my word.

3. God must have been chuffed when he created you!

4. A passionate kiss is said to burn 5 to 26 calories per minute. Want to exercise tonight?

5. Right now I'm feeling a little weird. I believe that only you have the power to make me awake.

6. I chose you from among the world's 7.9 billion people!Nothing will, if that doesn't make you feel unique.

7. Do you think I'm seductively alluring right now? Should I purchase a second bottle of wine for tonight instead?

8. I’m organizing a sale in our bedroom tonight. Everything will be 100% off. Don’t be late! 

9. Please update your agenda: I have scheduled a meeting for our lips tonight.

10. Close your eyes and relax.For as long as you can, stop breathing right now. Retake a breath. Missed the air, huh? I miss you so much! That's how much!

11. Please don't ever label me as crazy! I did not marry myself because I was a lunatic!

12. You would be reading this message with your lips if kisses were words.

13. I adore how you always choose wisely. I am the living example!

14. Would you kindly stop bringing you to mind? There is a ton of work to be done!

15. In my dream the night before, you were Gioconda and I was Leonardo Da Vinci. Did you enjoy yourself as my muse?

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