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I had a sexual relationship with my dad until I was 15, and I enjoyed it, Hannah Shares Her Story

It's right for a father to teach his daughter about orgasm? Well, many people will say there isn't wrong about that, especially if the kid's mother is not around. We all know, kids want to know everything, and most of these kids depend on their parents to give them an answer to every question.

That is the case of Hannah who was excited to share her sexual relationship story with her father online, she didn't regret at all being having sex with her dad at that early age. She wrote, it all started when she is eager to know what is orgasm, of course, at 8 years the best person to ask is your parent but unfortunately, this lady's dad is a monster.

However, the lady continue that her father was open up to teach her what is orgasm, and then ask her dad to help her experience this orgasm. Luckily for this lady, her dad accepted, and they start having sex. After a while, her dad told her to look for another person to satisfy her sexual desire.

The snapshot of this girl story below

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