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Dear ladies, have your boyfriend left you despite your efforts to keep him? Make him apologize.

For You A woman and a man are separated most of the time when their relationship isn't going the way they want it to. It can be hard for both of you to let go and move on, but one or both of you can be really hurt after you break up.

Most often, the person who hurts the most is the one who wanted the relationship, and one partner is the one who left the other. However, if you feel abandoned by your ex and would like him to regret losing you, there are things you can do.

Keep your body in good shape.

I Do everything possible to keep your body in perfect shape. Hit the gym and eat foods that give you the perfect nutrients to make your workouts work. If your ex sees you again, she may long for your return and regret losing someone like you.

Make money

Everyone wants money and we all want to be with the person who has it. If you want your ex to regret losing you, he will work hard and let your success come to mind. Your ex will learn about you and expect you to continue dating. You may be in a situation where financial assistance is needed and you may be trying to get help from them.

Get popular with your talent

Get out there and tell the world about you, win people's hearts, let people say good things about you. Try to use your skills to meet people's needs and solve their problems. People will say good things about you. Even if your ex breaks up with you because he doesn't see anything good in you, his eyes will go wide when he sees people complimenting you. 

Let your career shine

There's a star inside of you waiting to shine. Make sure that you excel in the particular field of work you have applied for as a career. If your ex has seen or heard of your accomplishments. He or she may regret losing the gold trying to pick up the stone.

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