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Sad: Beautiful Lady Reveals Her Deep Secret On The Bus. Part 2.

Thank you and welcome back to my page as I'm about to present you with part 2 of the beautiful lady who reveals her deep secret on the bus. Please, if you haven't followed this page, I'm begging you to do so.

As the lady continued, I ate to my satisfaction and drank the wine on top. I later turn to my friend who brought me to her sugar daddy's house to ask why she brought me here. But she told me we would discuss that later. My friend's boyfriend came out, and we all left for the club. After we got to the club, my friend introduced me to a man who I think might be old enough to be my grandfather. We exchanged greetings. He asked my name; I told him, and he told me his. We drank together and had fun. It was really late, so I told my friend to let us leave. She said we were not going home together. I shouted, "What?"

Then she asked me again, "Don't I want to get rich?" I said yes. And she said, "I have introduced Rich to you." Can't you see? " She was talking about the man she introduced me to. My friend says you should open your eyes and make sure you leave with him. I was nervous because that is something I have never done in my life. But I have no option but to leave with the man. Because my dream is to become rich, so if my friend says this man would make me rich, then I have to follow him. Upon reaching his house, I opened my mouth widely because, since my mother gave birth to me, I have never set my eyes on that kind of house. I entered, and he did what he had to do with me. The next morning, he dropped me off at my friend's house and gave me ten thousand Ghana cedis. I was shocked and happy because I had never held that kind of huge amount in my hand.

I showed my friend, and she was like, "That is just the beginning." There is more to come. " This makes me fall in love with the man. For two months, I was able to buy my house and car, and all credit goes to my sugar daddy. I was leaving my dream life. But not long after, everything turns around. My sugar daddy got arrested for drug trafficking. I didn't know he was a drug lord. His properties have been seized, including the house and cars he bought for me. That didn't hurt me, but what hurt me was that I found out that he was HIV positive. Now he has infected me with HIV. When my friend finds out, she prevents me from coming to her place again. And now I'm on my way back to my hometown. She ends there, and tears can't stop flowing from her eyes.

I tried to console her again and told her that it was not the end of the world for her. She is still a young lady who has a lot ahead of her. I told her she should try as much as possible to think about that a lot, or else her life might shorten. I would love to end here. My fellow readers, what advice would you give her if you were to encounter such a lady? You should comment below.

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