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People Don't Believe That He Is A Man, See Photos Of A Man Causing A Stir On Social Media

People don't believe that Buchi was born a man because at first glance when you look at him, you will be impressed by his beauty and fashion.

Buchi Alexandra is among the cross dresser that is causing waves on social media. He has taken to social media platform to showcase his lovely dress.

Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and other African countries are beginning to accept trans people.

Buchi Alexandra is a transgender man from Nigeria who is making waves in the entertainment industry. He is not only a fashion and beauty icon, but also a human rights activist.

Photos of Buchi have surfaced online, sparking outrage on social media. His clothes and physique curves have demonstrated that he is a swaggering fashionista. On social media, women are copying his fashion sense.

Do you aspire to be as attractive as Buchi? If you say yes, you must be determined and exceptional. You are supposed to upgrade your outfit on a monthly basis as a lady since it attracts attention.

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