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Fresh SHS Girls Warn: Beware, We Will Pamper Your Husbands and Take them Away from You. (Video)

In case you are one of the Ghanaians who was wondering why the young people of 15-24 years were prolifically found to be HIV/AIDS positive, then you are at the right place for the simple answer. Late last month, 2021 statistics on HIV/AIDS in Ghana revealed that 5,211 young people 15-24 years got infected in 2020. 4,325 were females and 886 were males. Which means 83% were infected with HIV/AIDS.

This came to me as no surprise because the young girls in this generation have lost their values to keep their dignity and price. They have resorted to sleeping around anyhow and that is the reason why the numbers keep increasing for that gender group. These three (3) pretty young girls made a video promising all women across the nation to be careful with the way they treat their husbands and boyfriends.

For them, they have realized that some men are not respected and/or pampered in their homes or relationships. Therefore, they have taken it upon themselves to pamper the men and show them more love and caring. In so doing, they will also get some goodies as they have fun as well. This is something that they are not joking about. Every time the Senior High School girls come on vacations or mid-terms, they cause tsunamis in people’s relationships.

Because they’re fresh, young, beautiful and naïve, men get to have their way around them and they use them. They sometimes practice unprotected sex and end up getting all sorts of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STI). One day, I was at the market and SHS was on break. Four (4) pretty SHS girls were coming from one direction with their seductively short school uniforms. Immediately the market women saw them, they said: these girls are back again to take away our men. Our foolish men will also spend on them. They will take them to guest houses and spend days of adventure (you know what I mean) there.

Clearly, their deeds have become public knowledge and it is very bad for this generation. These girls are not joking, they mean business. It will take these big men to help mitigate the increase of HIV/AIDS in this country. If these girls are fully allowed to grow and pursue their dreams, they will become better people than getting infected and truncating their education. As a developing nation, we need more brilliant and educated people. There is no room for the plethora of immoral acts and pleasure. We should be serious as a nation and address this issue properly. 

watch their video here:

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