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"I'm Done with Men" - Lady on Twitter Fumes After Severe Broken Heart

Surprising and shocking things are always happening around the world. Due to past experiences, whiles some people are being optimistic about relationships, some are being pessimistic.

It must be said that whatever the case, people should always not use past experience as yard stick for future endeavours.

That said, a lady in twitter made a very sad and heart breaking statement which made people console her and at the same time, people laugh at her.

She said in her tweet that, "personally, I'm definitely done with men." Deducing from her statement, it is obvious that she has suffered from broken heart. See her tweet in the picture below.

When she made this post, someone commented and said that why would a guy mess up things with a beautiful girl like you. Another person said this one is for the gents. See some of the comments below.

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