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11 Secrets Girls Rarely Share With Their Boyfriends

Below are eleven secret girls rarely share with their boyfriends.

1. Girls may not trust their boyfriends every time but they always love their trusted ones.

2. Girls can notice you whether you are staring at their private parts or not. So,be careful. When it comes to age, almost 90% girls hide their age.

3. Whenever they see their crush,they immediately starts blushing.

4. Girls love it when boys compliment them but they love more when the compliment is about “Intelligence” rather than “physical beauty”.

5. Girls takes screenshots of your conversation which they like. Even some girls share it with their best friends. So think before saying.

6. Girls know whether you are saying from your heart or plainly sugar coated. Girls like it when boys are direct,honest and upfront.Take your time to ask her out.

7. Girls know whether you are stalking them on social media or not. Girls hate it when guys create a hype of PMS.Have those periods once and then talk. She might act cool when you ask her, is she on periods??but she definitely wants to rip your head off.

8. When a guy says something sentimental, girls remember it forever. Ask girls for advice because girls love giving advices.

9. When a girl cooks for you, you know you mean a lot to her. Girls sometimes wants you to listen. And not advice her. She can deal it with herself.

10. When a girl mentions something more than once, it means it is bothering her. Girls love it when boys hug them from behind or pull them by waist or kiss them on forehead.

11. Every girl has imagined her life with every guy she is in friend with. So,she already decided on Yes or No even before you think on proposing to her.

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