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Wedding dress

Check out pictures of these beautiful and lovely White, Red, Black, Yellow and Green Wedding Gowns.

Wedding gowns are mostly know to be in the custom white color, but hey, not everyone is a fan of white and white weddings gowns / dresses.

Some brides go out of their way to have for themselves dresses for their big days which are all but white.

Some opt for black, others green, yellow and even red. Which ever color is pleasing to their eyes.

In this post, we have a collection of pictures of wedding gowns and dresses in different colors - from the custom white to the glowing yellow to the wild red and the soothing black color.

Do well to see which ones are pleasing to your eyes as you scroll through them.


1. For the lovers of White gowns - white gown are the most popular of them all.

For some brides, white represents a new beginning, while to others it represents purenes and for some, peace.

White is the commonly used color for wedding gowns.


If red is your thing, a red gown is an option.


Black is beauty. The exact opposite to white, yet gorgeous in all aspect.


Glow in a Yellow dress / gown.


Green, the color of life, renewal, nature, energy, harmony, freshness, and safety.

A lovely green styled wedding dress.

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