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Gentle Approaches On How To Ask A Girl's Phone Number And Start A Conversation With Her

Below are expert tips on how to ask for a girl's phone number.

Understand that asking for her number is not a marriage proposal. Just because you have a girl's number, it does not mean that you are going out with the girl. Asking for her number is merely a way to stay in closer contact with her to hopefully build a relationship in the future. This should also help give you confidence and decrease the intimidation factor of asking for a girl's number. While the implication is that you are interested, it does not need to mean anything more than that right away.

Go up to her and start a conversation. Do not simply run up and ask for her number. Try to weave it into a conversation. Try talking to her about a movie or show you have both recently seen. Ask her how her day was. The conversation can be about anything, but try to keep it light. Having a conversation will also help you gauge her interest. If all her responses are short, she may not be interested in you. If she gives long answers and asks you questions in return, she likely is interested. If she laughs at many of your jokes (even ones you know aren't funny), she is definitely interested and likely wants you to ask for her number.

Bring up the idea of contacting her outside of school, work, etc. Bring up something which would require outside contact. If you go to school together, mention how you sometimes struggle with homework and would like to work together. If you work together, mention how you would like to grab dinner or coffee sometime. Again, pay attention to how she responds to seeing you outside of the normal environment. Pay attention to things like a smile, a light in her eye, or her brushing her hair. These are all signs that she is flattered.

Ask for her number. Do not dance around the topic for too long or you will appear unsure. It really is as simple as asking "can I get your number?" People tend to build it up because of the implication of a possible relationship, but it can be simple if you are straightforward. Much of the stress behind asking for a number can be avoided by simply diving in and asking outright. It is better to ask her outright rather than trying any tricks like getting it from a friend or from a group project. Speak clearly when you ask for her number. As this question is the point of the entire conversation, be confident and articulate when asking. Don't make her have to ask you to repeat the question.

Send a text. Texting is more accepted nowadays then calling out of the blue. It is also much less intimidating. Text her about the conversation you had earlier or start a new conversation. Do not just text "hey." Be engaging and offer a line which can be made into a conversation. The responsibility is on you to start the conversation. Try to be funny, keep things light, and be yourself when you first start texting her. You don't want to get into a place where you have to keep on pretending to be someone else.

You don't need to ask her to go on a date right away. Remember that just because the girl gave you her number, it does not mean that she is necessarily romantically interested. She may have just not wanted to reject you or she may see you more as a friend. Text with her for a while to try to gauge her opinion of you. In addition to continuing conversation with her at school or work, try to continue frequent conversations over text or on a phone call.

Avoid talking about anything too controversial or heavy right away. Until you get to know her better, try to keep the conversation fairly neutral. Some good things to talk about include: When the time feels right, and if you want to, ask her to go on a date. You likely asked her for her number because you are romantically interested in her. Do not wait too long before asking her to go on a date. It could be the first step in a relationship.

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