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"I Gave Birth To Twins With My Hubby's Best Friend, He Doesn't Know I Have His Babies Yet- Lady

Esther wairimu has narrated how she got twins with her Hubby's Best friends and she has not yet shared the news with him. She explained how it started and what led her to start sleeping with her hubby's friend. After 

It was during a dinner in the same compound where she was staying that Esther says their love story began, and that's when she moved in with her husband. After darting for awhile and getting to know each other.

When Esther was working as a nursery school teacher, she claims that life wasn't easy, but she was able to open her own school and her husband was able to land a nice job.

In the six years they had been married, her husband began drinking and having relationships with other women, and when she needed to know where he was he would call his friend and ask her to speak with him, that he's with his friend. She said her husband didn't give her enough attention.

She alleges that he would follow whenever she runs away to rent a private house outside her her marriage to live alone and they would get back together every time tried to stay without her husband.

Her husband was out of town for his son's rite of passage, and she had to rely on her husband's friend for everything including picking her up and bringing her to church for her child naming.

When the hurricane hit and the schools were closed, she had no one to help her pay her rent or purchase food for her children, Esther says she made the decision to end her marriage and raise her children on her own.

She claims that her husband's friend helped her and that, as a person, she had feelings. When she went to the hospital, the doctor informed her that she was pregnant without her knowing.

When she told her ex-husband friend that she had twins in December of last year, he was shocked and said they belonged to her ex-husband friend.Should Esther tell him or keep it a secret, what advice do you have for her.

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Esther Esther wairimu


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