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Husband and wife relationship

"We Are Married To One Husband And We Don't Fight" Catherine And Ruth Narrates Their Story

Despite being Christians and following its showing we have a few polygamous marriages existing, in a program known as " Chama wa Mùtuùrìre" that is facilitated by Njeri wa Muigai, she presented two co- wives who portrayed their story and left their watchers mouths totally open.

The first wife is called Ruth Wambui Wanjohi and she is a mother of 5 children, her more youthful co- wife is known as Catherine Wanjohi and she' s a mother of 3 children. Wanjohi is their husband who' s is a dad of 8 children, both are joyfully married to him. They depicted him as an adoring and caring man.

Ruth the first wife, met her husband 22 years prior, they were profoundly infatuated that she exited school at structure 3 and got married at just 19 years. The two of them come from Nyandarua, their adoration bloomed and they began a family, Wanjohi used to work in a public help organization between Nyandarua and Nairobi. 5 years into the marriage they had a daughter and a son together.

During that time things began transforming, he began working more hours that requested him to spend a few evenings in Nairobi. Ruth felt that something was not right but Wanjohi demanded it was a business- related issue. Her impulses were correct, it was Catherine who came in and the changes in his day- to- day existence were a result of her.

Catherine who is the subsequent wife met Wanjohi along his line of obligation, they exchanged contacts and he started to seek after her. After a long length of pursuing her, she yielded to his advances since not set in stone to make her his wife regardless stay with the first wife.

Following several years, he organized a visit for' s first experience with his folks, which continued effectively. Ruth on the hand was hoodwinked that Catherine was a specialist who ingested a few medications from his old mum. Tragically, after the visit, Wanjohi left with Catherine for Nairobi where she resides. Ruth was exceptionally enraged and harmed on the grounds that bits of gossip had spread in the town that her husband had another woman.

It was an extreme period for Ruth a couple of months after the fact she chose to leave her wedding home and returned to her folks' house. The husband requested she leaves behind their children. Out of agony and outrage, she left. Rather than Wanjohi following her, he took her children to Catherine in Nairobi, she made incredible consideration of her stride kids. Following a week Wanjohi went for Ruth at her parent' s home and requested that she return home, since she needed to assemble her family she concurred. Sadly returning home she understood that the children were in the guardianship of the other co- wife, she was enraged about it but Wanjohi vowed to bring them back the following day.

It was a back and forth unpleasant excursion for Ruth since it was difficult to acknowledge her husband had married another wife. As time went on she gradually embraced the situation and a period came when the two of them met.

Both have found approaches to exist together calmly, deal with their husband, and in particular regard each other by knowing which limits are not to be crossed. These two beautiful women are a model that co- wives can live calmly and love one another.

They have their own youtube channel known as " The Wanjohi' s Queens" where they share their family times together as they wear matching outfits which makes them resemble sisters.

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