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Men, Can You Also Do This? See What People Are Saying About This Man.

Life I think is all about having someone who would love you for who you are, care for you no matter your body structure and understand you perfectly in every good decisions you make. I don't think the decision to take a wife or a husband is all about body qualities as most people think, but to take someone who is matured enough to make life very simple for you.

As time goes on, people's wives and husbands end up being injured due to accidents which undoubtedly has been one of the problems in marriage. People divorce their partners each and everyday sake of cuts, scratches and other fault they have on their body due to accidents which I think is unfair.

There is a saying that marriage is for better for worse, and I don't think someone who truly loves you would want to divorce you because your body was severely burnt due to accident.

That makes people shower praises on the man featured in this article as he has moved on to marry his wife who was severely burnt in an accident. According the Facebook post, he said No to divorce as his beloved girlfriend was going through such pains and finally got married to her and no one else.

Check out the photos below.

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