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Husband and wife relationship

"I Need A Husband" Beautiful Female Doctor Says Adding That Men Are Afraid of Dating Her (PHOTOS)

A medical female doctor has taken to her Twitter account to express her desire to meet the man who will take her to the aisle and make her his wife.

Many people have also shown their interest in a post that has now gone popular on Twitter and Facebook, with many guys claiming that they are ready to date her and make her their wife if only she will accept them and give them a chance.

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As a result of this, some Ghanaians have expressed a wide range of feelings and viewpoints, some of which were critical of her for being both attractive and single, yet having no man in her life, as some called her a liar, claiming she's too beautiful to be single with all her certificates and degrees.

People Reactions

There was a group of people who thought she had a secret problem she didn't want to share with the world, while others said she had just acknowledged she's aging her time is almost up after she might have rejected many suitors and was now becoming serious about finding a husband because time is catching up with her.

This medical nurse is single and seeks a husband and at least a man to call her own. What are your thoughts about her? Do you think she's too beautiful to be single? She might probably be lying.

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