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"Wahala" A Guy Secretly Married His Side Chick, His Girlfriend Found Out And Had Broken Heart.

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Relationship nowadays has turned into something else no one can imagine. Today you are in relationship and when you finally think you are with the right partner then boom kpaa!! Echoked. A lady who's name is withheld is currently in a devastated state as her boyfriend and his side chick got married which she was not even aware of their plans. The shocking part is that the said side chick was once her friend. 

News trending on social media indicate that a lady didn't know her boyfriend was getting married on Saturday but luckily for her, she saw it on a friend's WhatsApp status. She then called the guy to ask if what she saw was real or she mistook him for another person and the only thing he said was, "I can explain." After the wedding, on Monday, 23th August early in the morning the bride called her only to tell her to move on because the best girl won. Eeii!! 

The best girl won "ampa." If you're a guy dating two girls to know which one is best for you(since you don't know what you want and go for it at once), I think you should man up and let the other girl go once you decide on who you want to settle down with. Don't keep both of them till one finds out about it themselves....that is more disheartening. 

As it's now who do you blame? This is what social media users are saying.... But in any case let me say that if you hurt someone intentionally you will by all means pay for it someday. What is your opinion on this? Your comments are welcomed.

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