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Ladies, learn 13 easy ways to make your guy spend on you

Money has always been a sensitive issue in relationships. Women like their boyfriends to pay for dinner, movie tickets, and other dating expenses. You need to figure out smart ways to get your boyfriend to give you money. When you make them happy, men are very generous. Spending some money is not too much for him.

1. Be self-reliant.

Demonstrate to him that you are capable of managing yourself. There's no need to be enamored with his automobiles, home, or other possessions. Just keep your cool and he'll know you're a strong woman. Surprisingly, this makes a man desire to pamper you with money.

2. Exercise Generosity

Treat him well regularly. Take him out to lunch and make sure he pays all of his bills. Invite him over for a movie date and purchase him a ticket so you can watch it together. These seemingly insignificant behaviors have a significant impact on males.

3. Transform into the woman he fantasizes about.

He must have some complaints about you when you're dating. He wants you to modify some things for your good. What's wrong with pretending to be his dream girl for a while so he can spot the indicators she'd make a good girlfriend? It's fine to change your appearance or personality as long as it's for the better.

4. Be dependable.

You must be faithful at all costs in a relationship, not simply because you want your boyfriend's money. Who wants to spend money on someone who cheats on them? Demonstrate your real love for him, and he will be more willing to spend his money on you.

5. Give Him A Fantastic Morning

Men adore waking up to a fantastic and energizing morning. If you live with him, the odds are in your favor, so you can warm up in bed in the morning. This does not imply that you are selling yourself to please your lover. It's a definite no! You might be interested in learning why you should always make love to your lover first thing in the morning.

6. Increase His Desire for You

Making your lover want you more is one approach to getting him to give you money. You can connect this to a variety of things, including sex, attention, love, and a variety of other things. All you have to do is make him happy, and he will gladly assist you.

7. Don't Be A Demanding Girlfriend

Stop being that obnoxious girlfriend that messages and calls him a thousand times a day. Because you are so demanding, he may lose interest in asking you out to lunch. Read on for more helpful hints on how to keep your boyfriend happy in a relationship. You'll discover what an ideal girlfriend should be.

Don't waste too much of his cash.

Let's pretend your partner is an extremely generous person who doesn't mind you spending his money. However, you should exercise some restraint in spending too much of your money. Finally, he will become ill and believe that you are merely chasing his money.

8. Pay Off All Your Debts at Once

Don't count on him to cover all of your expenses. When you go out on a date or eat out, split the bill. His pride will prevent him from allowing you to pay the bills together. Later, he'll take you to a more costly restaurant.

9. Make him think of you as a high-priced individual.

You must have value if you want a man to treat you or buy you things. The value you have comes from your activities, actions, and words – the clothes you wear, the cream you use, your work, and how you handle yourself in general.

No man wants to spoil a lady who doesn't even take care of herself. If you make yourself appear expensive, you may entice a man to buy you goods and spend money on you.

I'm not advocating you live a phony life; it's all about putting yourself in a position where a man would see you and respect you. Every action you take, every word you utter, should exude class!

10. Don't expect to be available all of the time.

This is yet another way to get a man to spoil you, to buy stuff for you, and to spend money on you without remorse.

According to the Law of Diminishing Returns (insert an external link here), when a commodity becomes more widely available, its value decreases.

These techniques have been utilized by top female players and seductresses to achieve practically everything they've ever wanted from a man. When a man has a strong passion for you, he will go to any length to obtain you.

So, if you can manage your availability, you can use it to influence any man, whether it's your husband, boyfriend, or a casual companion.

11. Tactics to Give and Trade

This is the cruelest tactic to employ if you want to get a man to spoil you. Perhaps you lack every other good trait a man seeks in a woman; be rest assured that your beautiful body and the hole between your legs are still potent tools for effective seduction.

To get a man to buy you things and spend money on you, there should be something you are offering from your end. Things you can provide include but are not limited to;

A banging body

Beautiful face

Fame Sex

Peace of mind

Motivation Idea bags

Business partner

So it technically depends on what is within your capability. It isn’t a crime to give just your body; with that, it is still possible to find a man that will treat you and buy you gifts So, if that's all you've got, be proud of it and price it accordingly.

12. Take a half-naked walk around the house

If you share an apartment with him, always find ways to keep his testosterone high, since when a man's testosterone is high, his joyful hormones are active, and whatever you demand comes easily.

Walking about the house half-N is one of the easiest ways to persuade him to give you money, and this includes when you're in the kitchen cooking. You can choose to conduct your housework in only sexy lingerie, which would pique his interest and prompt him to hand over anything he has for you.

13. Give it to him whenever he asks for it

It is indisputable that men adore it, which is why women have a monthly period but men do not. Men, on the other hand, have active "eggs" from the day they are conceived until they die, whereas women shed their eggs once a month. Because these sperm are active all year, it is something that men adore.

Now, "IT" has many advantages, one of which is that it boosts a guy's happiness, and when a man is happy, he is more willing to give. Aside from that, it strengthens your bond with each other, so when you ask for something, he understands you deserve it. But not if you don't want him to touch you but want all of his money or want him to spend it all on you.

However, if you don't want him to touch you but want all of his money or expect him to spend everything he has on you, you will be perceived as a gold digger, and he will find it difficult to spend on you. Even if you're married to him and you deny him access to technology, getting money from him becomes a major issue; you might ask your mother for advice on this.

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