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Practical Guide: How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

Having sex with a girl and making her fall in love are two very different things. They are like two roads close to each other, which in many points intersect, but which on the whole follow two very distinct paths. Let's be clear, I'm not saying that sex and love don't go together, on the contrary, you will discover in this article that sex is a fundamental component of falling in love, but having sex with a girl is not enough to make her fall in love.

But be careful, before continuing to read I want to clarify a couple of things: The strategies you will read in this article can provoke very powerful feelings and if there is one thing I have learned since I have been interested in seduction, it is that you don't play with feelings. If you are looking for tips on how to make a girl fall in love because you are smitten with a girl and you really want to share a part of your life with her, you are welcome and these tips will be very useful to you.

If, on the other hand, you want to make her fall in love just to feed your ego, to feel wanted and to test your seduction skills ... I tell you right away that this attitude will not lead you to anything good, so I strongly advise you not to continue reading. Having made this necessary premise, let's go ahead and see how to make a girl fall in love.When you first approach a girl you don't know, you can't immediately aim to make her fall in love with you.

First of all, your goal will be to capture her attention , to make her distract her from what she is doing at that moment, to turn it to you. If you want to know more about the approach phase read the article: How to approach a girl. Right after that, you'll need to be good at harnessing the attention he's giving you to arouse interest. Then that interest will have to grow, it will have to expand until it becomes something more, until it becomes desire.

Here is usually the desire phase is the one that most seducers aim for. When a girl wants you she'll also be inclined to have sex with you, so if that's the sex you're looking for, you don't need to go any further. All you need to know is how to make a woman want you. If it is only a temporary relationship that interests you, you do not need the strategies that I am about to reveal to you. Well you have passed all my filters with which I have tried to hijack you elsewhere, then you probably really care about that girl and you want a serious and lasting relationship with her, right?

Well, then let's get straight to the point and see what the missing pieces are, which will allow you to make the leap from desire to love. Over the years I have thoroughly analyzed the various strategies and emotions that make up the seductive process and I can say with certainty the following: To make a girl fall in love with you and therefore make the leap from desire to love there are 4 fundamental factor. Let's now analyze each of these four factors in detail.

1. Time

Time is what makes the difference between an affair and a long term relationship. While the first three emotions (attention, interest and desire) can be aroused in no time, love needs to come out slowly. You can't make a woman fall in love in 2 days. You can seduce her, make her want you and have sex with her, but she sure won't fall in love with you in no time.

Often to unleash love it is enough to keep the desire at high levels for a long time.So if you want to make a woman fall in love, put your soul in peace, it's a work of resistance.

2. A pinch of tension

The worst enemy of love is boredom. If you managed to win a girl and make her fall in love with you don't let your guard down. Don't think you've done the hard work and now you can let yourself go. A woman should always be kept a little on edge so that love and attraction always remain alive and strong. You have to dose the carrot and stick well, not to become her doormat that covers her with a thousand attentions, but don't even fall into the opposite error, that is to neglect her.

Finally, the best way to keep a girl on her toes and make you more desirable in her eyes every day is to increase your "market value".I know, market value is a somewhat peculiar term for a context like this, but it gives a good idea.The concept is that if you are attractive and desirable to other girls, she will always feel a bit on the razor's edge, she will feel that if she doesn't give you all of herself at any moment some girls can “steal” you.

3. Emotional satisfaction

If a woman isn't satisfied with the emotions you give her she won't want a long-term relationship with you. What emotions do you have to give a woman? It depends on the woman. Not all women are moved by the same stimuli. This is why it is important in communication to look for points in common , both in terms of interests and above all in terms of values. If you have similar interests and values, it will be easy and natural to satisfy her emotionally.

Just share your life, your passions, your emotions, open up with her and share experiences together. If, on the other hand, you have very different characters and value well it will be very difficult for love to trigger, and even if you manage to make her fall in love, the relationship probably wouldn't last long and would soon turn into torture for both of you.

In this article we have seen some powerful strategies on how to make a girl fall in love. Use them wisely and remember that a seducer must leave the women he meets on his path better and better than how he found them. Don't use them to make them suffer

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