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Divorce Affair

Never Ignore These Signs: She Might Be Cheating On You When You Observe These Five Signs

Cheating which happens to be the act of being unfaithful to a spouse or other partner or better still engaging in sexual or romantic relations with a person other than one's significant other, breaking a commitment or promise in the act. In today's write-up, we shall look at five signs which indicates your girlfriend or woman is actually cheating on you.

She might be cheating if, apart from hiding her phone, she is always on it. When your woman is cheating on you, her phone suddenly becomes her shoulder to cry on. Inasmuch as she wouldn’t be finding your jokes funny anymore, your girl will always be laughing at her phone. And despite looking like she is having the time of her life, she wouldn’t be eager to share whatever is making her ribs tickle. There is always some other guy tagging her in funny memes or sending her hilarious Twitter threads. And nothing screams "IT’S OVER" much louder than another man making your woman laugh. If she does this, then it’s a sign that she is a cheat and should end it, effective immediately. Let her go laugh with him at his house, not yours, eating your food and using your electricity to charge that stupid phone. Okay, scratch that last part. That’s just me being petty.

Avoiding eye contact might be a sign that She is guilty about seeing someone else. One of the signs that your woman is cheating is when she avoids eye contact. What most people don’t understand is that staring into someone’s eyes gives away their immediate thoughts. And the same applies when it comes to relationships. You can tell by staring into her eyes that something is wrong, especially if you ask her whether or not she is cheating. And if she is cheating on you with that hot coworker or when you were having a long distance relationship, her eyes will without a doubt give her away. And even though she might act defensive, her eyes will always give her away. Hence, this is a definite sign that you ought to look out for.

Another sign she might be a cheat especially if her friends who were warm towards you are now strangers. Whether you choose to believe it or not, your woman’s closest friends will know when she becomes a cheat. Most of the time, they always have a hand in her woman’s infidelity because every woman has a bevy of trusted friends who not only know everything about her relationships but are aides in her decision making. So if your woman tells them that you became an ass, then they will start staring at you like one. So if your woman is out there having a good time with another man, one of the most important signs you need to look at is how her friends treat you. If they act a little bit weirder than usual, then something is categorically wrong.

She might be a cheat especially if she sounds vague about future plans. As earlier stated, your woman will almost always sound vague about future plans if she is thinking about cheating. This might come as a sudden change especially if she was always looking forward to hanging out with you all the time. You might want to seek out a relationship counselor because this is a sure indicator that your relationship is headed for trouble. You might think you are paranoid but you can never afford to overlook such signs.

Another one of the signs of an obvious cheat is being cagey and not sharing. When your love was young, sweet, and full of promise, your girl just couldn’t wait to share everything with you. When she was having an issue at work or with friends, she always opened up. But now she always says that she is fine or tells you not to bother. These are very bad indicators that show your relationship is almost over and you have every right to be paranoid. If she starts being all cagey, then she is planning on being a cheat if she isn’t one already.

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