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Ladies, Silly Things You Should Stop Doing When You Are 25years and Above

Ladies, Silly Things You Should Stop Doing When You Are 25years and Above

1. Keeping Of Sugar Daddy (Magas)

If you are a lady at 25, you are still keeping sugar daddy and be waiting for man to help your life , Better change for the good and get a job , They said that ladies that are naturally favored has turned many ladies young girls into beggar and many of them are no difference from those beggars on the street

2. Too Much Ego

Some girls have so much over bloated Ego that if a male tries to get their attention online they show no concern and they should remember that no man will chase them forever and ever, Again many of them will still loose the right guy that is coming their way with such attitude

3 I Don't Take Nonsense Attitude

The "I don't take nonsense' mentality of ladies is getting out of hand , many dont want to take nonsense from friends, mother-in-law, church members, neighbors, friends and family members; but little do the they know that there will be a particular stage in their life when they have to swallow their over-bloated pride ad bear the nonsense for peace to reign in their life

4. Using Childish Names As Facebook Names

This is a very common amongst Ghana ladies I must say that only children should be caught using such prefixes such as Lipstickgirl Slay, sugarpie Akos ..oooh common you suppose don pass this level na Obaa, Use your senses

5. Being Too Artificial

Have you ever wondered why most men decide to settle down with ladies with appear natural ? Then you get to know that many ladies fix eye lashes, wear waist chain, bleach, tattoo your body and you cat walk from street to street showing how unnatural they are, These are turn off for Men but many wont just say it and many will just use and dump such ladies.

6. Criticizing The Wedding Of Others

Several times, so many young ladies are too talkative about wedding of others for example, how the bride's wedding gown doesn't match with the shoe . If all you could do is attend a wedding ceremony and come back discussing about someone wedding and bad mouthing them then you should stop this ladies

7. Evaluating Men Pocket

The way some ladies screen men due to their high taste of life shows when ever they see a man who is wealthy and have lots to offer , Many will be blind later on that not all that glitters is Gold.

8. Appearing As intimacy Object

In recent time, I don't blame men who regard all ladies as intimacy objects because many ladies have shown that once a lady sleeps with a man she has also invested in the relationship, while this is morally wrong somehow .

9 Self Entitlement Habit

Many ladies have the mentality that the Man they are dating should take care of them and solve their finaicial needs which is totally wrong .Again many of them too dependent that they become so lazy and qucikly put their finicial burden on the Man and the man get tired and may eventually leave them for the better.

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