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Lady Catches Boyfriend In Bed With A Side Chick And This Is What Happened Afterwards (Video)

The head quarters for trends and hot gist is back again with another trending video circulating everywhere on the internet and this particular video is a very dramatic one. If you don't want to miss anything concerning trending videos or any other related gist on sports, entertainment and many more, please hit the follow button to follow Mdk Banahene for a quick notification on coming articles.

Now a days relationship is full of dramatic incidents. There is nothing like trust or loyal in relationships of this our generation anymore considering the high rate of cheating even in marriages not to talk of ordinary dating.

Most at times, people even wonder who cheats more in relationships, well questions like this will definitely no get a fair answers as women will say men cheats more so as my guys will also say women cheats more. But the fact is that, things are really getting out of hands not only in Africa but everywhere in this world.

Just as we taught we have seen it all comes another dramatic video coming all the way from America, and this particular video is really trending a lot especially on Twitter.

This viral video captures the moment chaos erupted after a lady trapped her cheating boyfriend and caught him red handed in bed with another lady said to be his ex-girlfriend.

Watching the video clearly, it seems the lady has been suspecting her boyfriend for a long time and for that matter, has been monitoring his moves. Nobody knows who gave her the information that her boyfriend is in a room with his side chick of which according sources, it's his ex-girlfriend.

It all started when this lady was seen together with about 3 other male friends (backups) in a hall as they started moving to the top of the storey building where the boyfriend was bonking the side chick, they entered the room only to see the boy in bed with the lady as this lady was seen pants down.

The room was totally dark but one of the male friends put on the light as the boys started cheering up. The aggrieved lady pounced on the side chick as they started throwing blows, the boyfriend together with one other lady from no where intervene to save the side chick. That side chick really felt something despite the intervention of the guy, but many are of the view that the girl did not try, as they saying she should have attacked the boy rather.

Watch the video here

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