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Love Or Money: Another Young Man Alledgedly Marries An Old White Woman

Love is not a matter of age. But it seems to difficult to accept why a young man will go in for a matured woman. Many believes that being with a matured woman comes with some great benefits. They believe the the older woman will support your dream. In fact their quite a number of prominent people in the world who are way young than their wife.

The age gap between couples may be as wide as twenty four years. Yes, you read right. Another group of people who don't see anything wrong with marrying a matured woman argue that as along as society accepts marriage where the man is old and does not frown upon it, it is unfair to do so when the older spouse is the woman.

In our part of the world, money has gradually become the reason why most men marry older woman. A wedding picture is currently circulating online and it shows a young groom and a older bride who appears to be a little more than twice the age of the groom. It is true that age is just a number but it is so difficult to believe that the young male married such a woman.

All those who commented under the post believed that the wedding was no built on love at least not on the side of the boy. They suspect that the young man did it in order to get paper and eventually become a citizen of the woman's country. As to whether the young man married the matured woman because of money as they believe, only time can do us the honors.

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Love Or Money


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