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How To Bring Romance Back

When the romance begins to wane, taking the time to focus on your relationship and put your partner first can do a great deal to spark the romantic fire once again. Partners in a long-term relationship can can begin to take each other for granted over time. The special steps and little things partners do for each other in the early days of a relationship often take a back seat to work, children, or busy schedules as the years go by. It's never too late to start again. Work on communicating with each other and reminding yourself of how things were in the beginning. Then date each other again (even if you are married) and make sure you feel romantic yourself.

1 Go on dates. Even though you may be married or have been together for a long time, you can and should still date your partner. Date nights are a great way to reconnect with your significant other and liven up your relationship. If you have a busy schedule, it may be necessary to plan your dates together to set aside time just for you two.

Mark date nights on a household calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Have date nights at home by cooking a romantic dinner or settling in for a movie night.

Take turns planning the date night activities so both partners have an opportunity to surprise the other with a romantic evening.

2 Be spontaneous. You both may have more commitments now. Spontaneity may be more difficult, but just as important. Being spontaneous does not have to require a great deal of time or energy. Seize spontaneous moments to add some excitement to your relationship. Try the following:

Have a dance party in the kitchen.

Rent a convertible and go for a long drive on a summer night.

Build a blanket fort in the living room and watch your favorite movie together.

3 Surprise your partner. Leaving a small gift for him to find is an opportunity to remind your partner how much you care. Receiving something unexpectedly is also exciting and reminds your partner you think about him when he is not around. Gifts don't have to be expensive to have a romantic meaning.

Make or create something just for him.

Leave notes for your partner for him to find along his day, in his gym bag, or around the house.

Get him something he needs or has been wanting and won't buy for himself, just because.

You can also surprise your partner by planning a special night just for the two of you and taking care of all of the logistics.

4 Remember what you love about your partner. Think about your partner's strengths and what you love about her. Is she incredibly witty? Does she have knack for numbers and always make sure your finances are in perfect order? It can be easy to get used to your partner's strengths but remembering why you respect her, what you admire about her, and what makes her different and special is a way to rekindle those feelings of love and romance. Even if those things have changed over the years, just being intentional about remembering can keep romance alive.

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