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23 Mobile Phone Manners That Make Your Partner Suspect You Of Cheating

 The introduction of mobile phones is to make life easy and to assist people to communicate easily anywhere they find themselves. Unfortunately, mobile phones are becoming a weapon used to destroy relationships and marriages. In this article, I will share with you, some 23 mobile phone manners that can make your partner suspect you of cheating and finally destroy your relationship and marriage.

1. Switching off your phone or putting it on airplane mode when you are with your partner but turn it on the moment you leave his or her place.

 2. Answering calls and just saying “Hello! Hello! Hello, Oh No, Poor Network!” and pretending not to be hearing the caller or blaming it on a poor network.

 3. Walking out of the room all the time to receive some calls or all your phone calls.

 4. Picking calls always and saying “Can’t talk for now. Let’s chat on WhatsApp or kindly text me”.

 5.  When your partner answers a phone call and all that you hear are: “Yes, No, Fine, Okay, Good, Alright, Sure, Bye Bye”.

 6. When you answer all calls and for a particular number, you say “I’m in a meeting, I will call you back”.

 7. When your phone rings and you look restless, confused, and thinking fast about what to do when you answer the call. This can make your partner suspect you easily of a foul play to be cheating.

 8. When you save phone numbers of people with funny and awkward names and your partner finds out some of them that they know personally and wondering why you save their names so.


9. Being on the phone and not being able to talk and when the caller asks whether you are still on the line, all you say is “Talk, I’m still listening! Still on the line, just make your point. I won’t mind you, bye-bye”

 10. Listening to the phone call in silence without talking much and when the call ends, you sigh heavily and say, “Hmmmmm!)

 11. When your mood changes after seeing a missed call or listening to the call and you want to leave to attend to someone.

 12. When you keep telling lies to the opposite sex on phone in the presence of your partner. You become a suspect when you start doing that.

 13. Receiving the call and talking undertone as if you are whispering into the ears of someone. Women especially are good at this.

 14. Receiving a phone call and trying to respond in a very smart way using jargon and so many unfamiliar terms so that your partner won’t understand your conversation.

 15. Receiving a phone call and sounding very rude or disrespectful to someone just for the person to get angry and cut the call.

 16. After receiving the call and the caller is asking you so many questions, you open your mouth to say “Where I am right now and what I’m doing does not concern you. Let’s talk later”.


17. Saying to a caller, “I’m somewhere right now. I can’t answer or talk about those issues. Let’s talk when I get home”.

 18. After your partner seeing your uneasiness on the phone and asks to find out more about the caller and you say to your partner, “That’s my personal issue. Not ready to talk about it”.

 19. Being on a video call and the moment your partner walks in, you feel uncomfortable and quickly cut the call.

 20. Frequently changing your password anytime you know your partner knows it.

 21. Not being able to leave your phone and even to the extent of taking your phone to the bathroom.

 22. Being overprotective and strongly opposing it when your partner even wants to do some little things with your phone.

 23. You keep deleting your chat history with someone on WhatsApp or text messages.

 Oops! Can’t say everything here, else, it becomes a very long post. What are your thoughts on this article? Kindly comment to tell us your views and share this article with friends and loved ones. And oh, please don’t forget to follow me by clicking on the +Follow button to receive all updates and interesting articles.


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