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Fictional Piece: "Something Must Heal A man"

During my hay days, I used to hang out with this friend called Charles.

He will always say to me "Elli, have you noticed that you can fall in love deeply with a woman who's industrious yet always looks good and cheerful"? Then I will go like, "I'm waiting to meet that woman."

Our world today has become so cosmopolitan that today's woman doesn't have the "bragging right" to be recognized as slay Queen.

I'd rather prefer a "Diva".

A female version of a hustler they call it.

The definition of "market" branding, can be reflected through a female hustler.

There was a time I went to Kasoa Market on a typical market day, and you know the usual; When the lady is nice and welcoming, you do not really push for a price reduction as a gentleman.

If you don't take care, you could even live your change behind.

I began my usual vibes with Naa Adoley, who happened to be selling dried fish and the likes.

Naa apparently wanted to go pursue human resources at the university but she lost her dad after SHS, and her mum became incapacitated as a result of a mild stroke.

Life became quite difficult, she resulted in selling in the market to take care of her two other siblings and most importantly, to save towards her Tertiary education.

After close to a decade, I checked up on this Diva, and I was shocked by the turnout of events.

Naa is currently a human resource manageress with a multinational company.

And her two other siblings are close to their final year at the University.

This is the definition of a "Diva".

My Dear slay Mama.

We guys prefer a Diva as a partner.

One we can support economically and see a great response.

One that we can also rely on in our moment of difficulty.

One whose traits can make us sit with our friends and brag about her accomplishments.

We love you, we admire your courage and the quest to be a "wannabe", but hey we rather prefer you become a "Diva"; a conscious one as such, overcoming the odds and standing strong as a woman.

This is the type we want to spend the rest of our life with.

Life is short.

We can't be jumping from one "slay Mama" to the other so we prefer one who is ready to hustle together with us whilst we raise our home.

Nothing is appealing than a woman standing strong in the face of difficulty.

Bracing the odds and becoming successful without necessarily engaging in social vices.

When we take her home, we don't mind buying her that car and all there is to making life easier for her.

As for guys, we love the sex, we love the vibes but when it comes to a final decision, our mind "dey papa"; so you too your mind for "dey home".

Have a change of mindset my dear Slay Mama and come back to Daddy.

We need you as a Diva and a God-fearing one as such.

Have a stress free week Folks.

Content created and supplied by: ElliotB.Bortey (via Opera News )



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