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How To Make A Man Cry In Bed

Have you ever wondered why most men are silent in bed? Of course it's much rare that we see men crying or moaning in bed out of pressure. Although the real reason behind this can vary from one man to another, how ever there are some super tips which you can follow right away to make your man cry and scream in bed.

1. Make use of Blindfold

Using blindfold is one of the powerful secret technique to make your man instantly exited. It induced an element of surprise, making him remains exited thrilled throughout. Moreover using blindfold closes your man's eye, thus blocking one his senses whiles indirectly intensifying others. With one of these sense being block by blindfold, he automatically focus on other important senses like your touch and pressure.

2. Take it slow.

Never get too quick unless there is urgency. Rather take it slow, let him enjoy every moment and let him experience everything step by step. In many cases, if you're pretty quick in lovemaking, your tension rub on your partner too and he might not relax completely. Remember, for any person who enjoys sex not only the body but the mind plays a huge role too. Thus a man cry out and enjoy sex only when he is completely relaxed and fill with pleasurable thought. So make him relax and take control of his mind with slow and gently foreplay and let see how much intensive pleasure he feels himself.

3. Get on top

Practice to take lead during the love making, your man will love it to the core and enjoy the entire season so intensely. So how can you the lead? Simply get get on top of your man. This is one of the easiest way you can take an immense lead on your man, which will turn him on like fire. Moreover, men are visual creatures and when you get on top of him, he could see all your body expression etc, everything in much closer manner. Thus, this entire scenario of getting on top him and taking the lead will make him moan in pleasure

4. Be Rough

Men and women are completely different in terms of biology. Whiles female turn to be sensitive gentle, many men are way no sensitive like women. So fearing that you may hurt your man or his body is one of the biggest minus factor. Men are tough not sensitive, unlike women. So try doing a bit rough and had to see how he reacts. If he grunt in pleasure it's clear cut you are being too sensitive and your man wants rougher and tougher.

5. Get into dirty talk

You may think how a simple can make your man moan on the bed. You are wrong. According to science, dirty talk stimulate the part of the brain that control excitement and pleasure. A simple dirty talk can activate part of this thought making the entire experience a real pleasure and thrill.

So next time try some dirty and intense talk and see how much he responds. You will see his excitement doubling each time you talk something dirty.

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