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10 Texts You Should Never Send To A Woman

Some guys look desperate in the act of attracting women, this is bad. I will present to you 10 texts you should never send to a woman especially when you just met her.

1. Why aren't you texting me back?

You look psychotic when texting a woman that. She may be busy or would not want to text you because she's not interested.

Have a bit of pride in texting women and learn not to wait on them.

2. Send me a pic

It may not seem annoying but why would she want to send you a picture? You look desperate for her especially when she's not your woman. A woman will send you pictures if she wants to. Don't ask.

3. Want to see my manhood?

No woman wants to see pictures of your manhood unless she requests them. It's a big-time "simping" and you make it seem you are a self-perv which is also so weird.

Unless you two have something random going, don't send any random pictures of your manhood to any lady.

4. Hey and Hi

Don't just send a girl these texts. It's lame. It could be "hey, you want to go out this weekend?".

It doesn't give room for her to interact well with you.

5. One-word answer

It's not manly to answer one word though you can be straightforward. If she asks you how are you? Don't respond fine and leave the convo hanging, it's girlish.

Rather, say that "I'm cool, going to take a shower soon. How are you?" or something.

6. Texting too late

Guys, I know we play this game of not texting immediately after seeing her texts but, depending on the convo you are having with her, don't let it exceed 5 minutes.

7. Send a text to the wrong person

The mistake of, "oh, I was sending it to another person and it landed in your dm" should be avoided.

Send the right text to the right person, don't rush it.

8. Sending a screenshot from your conversation to another which mistakenly lands in her DM. It's best you don't send it to anyone but narrate it through a voice note or something.

9. I want you to have my babies

10. Good morning sunshine

Don't try to be nice guys, don't!

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