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She Will Never Let You Go: How To Make A Woman Look For You

When you like a girl, what you want the most is for her to show genuine interest in you, to seek you out, and for you to feel that she really cares about you. However, in many cases it happens completely the other way around, who shows interest, invests time, money and energy in getting her attention is you and she seems not to notice it or does not care about all the effort you make. Tired of that feeling? This time I will show you how to make a woman look for you and drive her crazy with simple tips.

1. Don't seem needy

Those women like to feel they won the lottery with the boy who had the side, they like to feel fortunate to have been able to conquer him. But if you show that you are in need of affection or affection, your girl may think that you could be reached by any woman when it really is not like that, however it is the hidden message that many times we send even without realizing it. Show that you are an independent man, happy and in pleasure with your life, that if a woman knocks on your door you can share your happiness but that you do not depend on anyone to get ahead.

2. Be nice and smiling

Women love to laugh and have a carefree time, if a girl asks you out it is because she wants to have fun with you, try to laugh at her jokes and learn a couple of good jokes to share at the right time. Women, even if they do not express it openly, have a great fear of girls who are screaming, bitter or who project that their life is extremely boring. They may date a boy like that for the first date, but I guarantee there would be no second meeting, so try to be yourself, worry free and go out with one purpose: to have fun.

3. Take care of your physique

Women are mostly shallow, don't judge or blame them for it, they naturally react to a boy's cute physique. That is why you must enhance your attributes, take care of your clothes and take care of your physique, practice a sport or go for a run in the afternoon, regardless that you will automatically be irresistible to any woman. The fact of being groomed and with a good physique will fill you with security, it will empower you and will be of great help to stay healthy.

4. Leave her wanting more

When they are at the peak of the date, withdraw unexpectedly or when she calls you on the phone and they are in the best moment of the conversation, tell her that you have to leave her. This will cause a feeling of emptiness in her and she will be left wanting to have been with you longer, consequently he will call you again or ask you out to conclude that appointment or that talk that they left halfway.

5. Give yourself to respect

Respecting yourself does not go out of style, no matter that we are in the 21st century and have overcome the harsh era of women's liberation. When a woman discovers a man who respects himself, takes care of him, his integrity and his convictions, she is immediately attracted to him. Respecting yourself means taking care of some aspects, such as not sleeping with her on the first night, otherwise she might think that you do the same in each of your dates and that you are an "easy" boy when in reality you are not. Try to hold back the urge to be with him for at least the first month.

6. Be a good conversationalist

You must have something to talk with her outside of the ordinary topics of the first date, learning to listen is part of being a good conversationalist too, that is, if she talks to you about her favorite soccer team and how her performance has been in the last season. Try to listen carefully, ask questions and tell her if you participated as a child in any team. Your interest will show that you are a different guy and he will start to trust you quickly.

7. Dress attractively

Try to wear sexy clothes all the time, regardless of whether they are going out or not, it is enough for one of her friends to see you for her to find out how beautiful you looked that day. There are times when you will have to dress more formally than others but this will not be an impediment for you to get the most out of it.

8. Make connections

To get a woman to look for you, you must establish physical, emotional and intellectual connection, the physical connection is achieved by flirting with her, dressing conspicuously, the emotional connection when you awaken her interest in you, you make her a little jealous. When you care about what she tells you and finally the intellectual connection showing that you are just as smart as you are pretty, regardless of whether their professions are different, they study different careers or if each one's work is very different from each other. You can always show that you are capable of maintaining an interesting conversation and that you can share topics that she may ignore while also always being willing to listen to the topics that she can share with you.

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