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If A Woman Asks You These 5 Questions, She Might Be In Love With You

We are all aware that ladies can't just walk straight to you and confess their love for you no matter how much they are into you.

Falling in love with someone can feel exciting, even exhilarating. But over time, these feelings may settle into something that feels a little different. This love might seem mellow or calm. You might find yourself thinking l love them” instead of “I’m in love with them.

Although the list is inconclusive [no list is actually ever that accurate], these will provide enough info for starters on the subject.

.If a girl like you

She will want to know about you like childhood.. you're life

Ask you if what do you do in your job

She will ask if it's okay for your parents know it's okay for you to talk to her

She will ask what your parents do too (huge sign because it's telling that she wants to know if you not going for her money like gold digger do.

She will definitely say offcourse on a date with you after you known each other

If she likes you alot she would delete her tinder or any dating app because she's into you only

She will text you on what happened like if she has no power in the house or her network is bad she will let you know about it.

She will give you her latest photo of her without you even asking ( do not ask her)

She will definitely tell her parents or family member about you

If she has a brother she will give your number to her brother who a family member of hers so you and his brother can get along.

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