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Opinion: Men Fail To Understand This About Satisfying Women

Every woman's desire is to one day find a man who can satisfy them, not only intimately, but also with all their plenty needs. Now, men on the other hand try their very best to satisfy women. Which eventually they manage to do that but, it does not always last long. Women change day in day out, and so do their needs and expectations.

What men fail to understand about satisfying women is that, women can never be satisfied. The reason for this is because of their endless needs, desires and expectations. Men in their mind think that providing a woman with whatever she needs, be it intimacy, wealth and even the finest jewel's. That the woman will be satisfied. Well that's just the peek of it.

Women can not be satisfied that easily. To be more precise, a woman would want to be in control of everything before she will be satisfied. And if that's not the case, then they won't ever be satisfied. Not unless they claim to be.

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