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Gentleman, Remove the trigger and She is Yours Forever.

What you must know about your lady and what to do to win her.

A doctor who treats his patients have actually undergone a long course of study in his field. He goes through many evaluation including the clinicals, practical diagnosis and treatment. All this is done before he acquire a license to become a professional doctor. This makes him reduce his mistakes. Just like the doctor's field of long term study, every female has to be studied before one can understand her.

So who is a lady?

A lady is a person with quite a different instinct that are certcomprehend. She ii like a treasure chosen by you among lots of treasures. There are certainly different from a man. They are very sensitive to emotions and actions from people around them.

As a man, try as much as possible to study your wife or partner just like how you read a novel. Make sure you study her each time you are around her. Look out for conditions such as hardship, liberty, freedom, and the like. Use these Conditions to learn much about her. I must caution you to be extra patience with your lady.

Your lady is an extremist.

Yes, an extremist person is one who does everything in full. Such is your wife or lady or girl. When she says she love you, she loves you unconditionally and she can starve herself in order to satisfy you. Your lady's love should not be abused otherwise you will one day laugh from the wrong side of your mouth.

Have higher attention for her. Listen to her words of advice and do something about it for her to see that you are applying her words tangibly. If she offences you, take time not to over react. Rather call her later, when you can control your emotions, and talk to her; advice her and then forgive her. If even she refuses to accept her mistakes, take the blame and apologize to her. This will not mean you are weak but rather a man with outstanding wisdom.

Since you know she is an extremist, please do not do anything to make her hate you. The worst thing you can do to your lady is to be unfaithful to her. Dating girls behind her back will make her hate you deeply. Ladies don't want lies so try to be frank to her always. Win her trust and she is all yours. Another thing your lady hates is disrespecting and disgracing her. Remember that if the dress you wear was washed and ironed by her or your child, you become naked when you abuse, betray, hurt, or disgrace her. If you make her happy religiously, God protects and blesses you always.

Remove the trigger and she is yours forever.

What is the trigger in ladies? The trigger refers to all the things that block you from getting into her heart. These include, betrayal, emotional abuse, not eating her food, disgracing her to your relatives and friends, not trusting her confession, not listening to her words, not having time for her always and not protecting her when you can. If you remove this trigger, she is for you forever.

The best way to remove the trigger is to do the opposite of the trigger. This includes having time for her, sending her out once a while for nature's walk, helping her in her chores, caring for her, cutting her nails, respecting her, involving her in your decisions and protecting her.

If you have learned something from this article, please apply it in your relationship. Share to also save some homes and relationships. Don't forget to follow me for more. Thank you.

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