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Perfect ways to preserving your marriage and preventing it from collapsing

Many marriages starts with a good storyline but ends up being the worst decisions some people have ever taken. A correct and sound marriage requires the spouses to put up many behaviors which will suit their other halves.

The most important characteristic of a correct and sound marital relationship is that it helps the continuation of the marriage in a satisfactory manner for both parties, and this may require following some advice including the following: 

1. Talking to successful couples in their marriage

This will help you to get advice from them and benefit from their experiences, so that you can learn their flaws and correct them. Aside correcting their flaws, you can work on improving upon the positive things which got their relationships blooming with love and prosperity. This is very good and will help make the foundations of your relationship very strong.

2. Taking important tips from a marriage counselor. This is also very good and can take your relationship very far. These counselors are likely to know more about marriages than you and are always available to help you out

3. Self-confidence

You must have confidence to increase self-satisfaction, as it is one of the important factors for a successful relationship, and for the partner to be influential with his partner and happier. Not having confidence in yourself sometimes makes your partner bored and unhappy since he/she has to keep reminding you everyday to have confidence. That is very tiring.

4. Compliment

It is desirable to say beautiful and kind words to the partner. This is very needful and will help to attract your partner to you. The little things like these are capable of pushing your marriage to a far end. Even if you don't feel like your partner did something to perfection, compliment him/her.

5. Keeping promises

To maintain a strong and healthy marital relationship, you must abide by and fulfill promises and make an effort to fulfill them for your partner. Not going by your words is very bad and makes your partner lose trust in you since they would always think that you're lying to them whenever you start talking.

6. Don't deny your partner the ticket to a hot bedroom experience. Denying your partner the chance to feel the natural bedroom game will mean that you are indirectly telling your partner to find it elsewhere. This means he/she will go out to find it somewhere.

Try denying your partner the opportunity for him/her to sleep with you and the next thing you will realize is, they will be outside looking for a person who can provide such services. Know that when this happens, your marriage wouldn't be as fun as it used to be. You stand the risk of being divorced when you tend to always deny your partner in the bedroom.

7. Make sure you do your possible best after been given the ticket to a bedroom experience. After your partner agrees to play the bedroom game, give it your all.

Don't go and perform badly when handed over the chance to sleep with your spouse. Make sure you do your possible best to make your partner satisfied. Bring out all the skills you know and also make sure to shower words of praise to your partner while in the act. Let your partner scream so badly. It really takes the marriage far.

8. Stay away from the phone

One of the most important tips for a successful relationship is to put the phone away when talking with the partner to give him full focus and attention. Sometimes it even irritates them making them think you are cheating on them. There is time for everything, know when to use the phone!!!

9. Say "I am sorry" when you offend your partner

Don't ever let arrogance rise in your marital relationship. Many people refused to say "I am sorry" after offending their spouses and it has gone a long way to affect their marriage. Some have even divorced since they felt disrespected when their partners refused to use these words.

10. Acknowledgment of positive things.

When you notice a partner doing something positive, such as putting up a positive behavior, a certain procedure, or a solution to a problem, it is important that it be recognized by the other party, and be sure to remind him/ her to do it always. 

11. Say thank you

Both partners need to hear real words that emphasize the good feeling from the other party, and it is good to be thankful for the little things, or routines that they do so that they feel that the other party notices them.

Content created and supplied by: the_Kelvin_guy (via Opera News )


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