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Checkout What This 70 Yrs Old Man Was Caught Selling That Got People Talking

Living in this part of the world is not just a journey and an adventure. While young people struggle to survive, some old people still put food on the table.

A plausible word is to conclude that as adults grow up, they should work less and depend on their children for their livelihoods. But how will they survive if they are not found?

Many elderly people do all kinds of stressful jobs to eat for a reason, although some view it as longevity. The tribe acts as a sport or survival that can hasten their demise. It's not ideal for parents.

A photo of a 70-year-old man turning on the street selling honey for a long life to survive was shared on social networks.

Many people have talked about this old man's noise. Look at one of the following reactions

Does such an adult need to participate in such activities?

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